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About Us

About Us
Across The Himalayas Treks is legally established , fully approved tour operator company in Nepal and has been Organizing trips and holiday tours to many destinations inside as well as outside of Nepal such as Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim-India . Our company is Tied up with Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association, European Chamber of Commerce to provide a seamless travel experience for our travelers. Our motto is simplifying the tour providing hospitable services to our every customer, we always pay attention to customer needs and it is highly considered. Our international staffs have personally visited many of the hospitality facilities, landmarks, festivals, Cultures, Tradition, natural diversities and major attractions in this secretive hinterland.

We understand that planning a trip to Nepal can be breathtaking experience, yet at times mind boggling. Questions like; how can I arrange a trip to Nepal? You may not have friends who can confidently answer these questions, and this is precisely why Nepal is often selected by most of the visitors for their travel destination?

We assist you to explain on your questions and aid you in your traveler list to this hidden hamlet based on your interest . Over the years the team of Across The Himalayas Trek Pvt. Ltd. have traveled to the most worldwide importance places on a regular to solve the mysteries of travel within this magnificent country.

Each of our tour is carefully designed to include the best of Nepal. You travel at an appropriate pace for your desired journey, enjoy meeting the local people, observing the tradition, culture festivals and make discoveries new destinations for you.

Our entire Trip packages and trip schedule or custom trips are open to groups and private travelers alike. No matter how you choose to travel in Nepal, you will be immersed in a culture that is unspoiled by tourism. You will meet some of the friendliest people in the world and experience an exotic land that offers stunning natural beauty, green valleys, and snow capped Himalayan peaks, deep forested national parks and conservation area for wildlife. You will marvel at a landscape that is dotted with Buddhist spiritual symbols including ancient Buddhist monasteries, Peaceful Stupa, Mani Wheel also known as Prayer wheels, the colorful prayer flags and on the other hand pagoda styled very ancient Hindu temples, historic statues of gods, ancient royal palaces, artistic infrastructures which are the glimpses of skillful artists and the world heritage sites and the best memories to you during your trip.
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