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  • Mt. CHO OYU (8201 m) EXPEDITION

    Mt. CHO OYU (8201 m) EXPEDITION

    Mt. Cho Oyu having 8201 meters is the 6th highest mountain in the world and located in Mahalangur Himalayan range to just in the back yard of beautiful wetland area in Khumbu region. As it is very near to the border land of Nepal and Tibet, this Mountain Expedition can also be climbed via Tibetan territory. Cho Oyu is ...

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    Mt. Shisa Pagma (8103 m) is also one of the eight Thousander meters mountain among fourteen in the world, which is standing in beautiful position in Chinese territory to the south-central part of tibet and attracting the attention of the expedition professionals, which is just 5 kilometers from Nepal territory. Here are several different sayings about the meaning of the ...

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